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Path Finder cycling is dedicated to providing high quality bicycling and mountain biking trips to an astounding Variety of terrain and some exotic destination in Nepal. Through our trips we wish to install a love of mountain biking, an appreciation for the outdoors, and thrill for adventures.


So we take great pleasure and pride in showing you our home "the wonderful and adventurous land of the Himalayas ".we are here to make your holiday as memorable and pleasurable as possible by providing you not only excellent services, but also a view of Nepalese culture and diverse lifestyles.


We'll be riding the trail that leads you to exotic Himalayas. Get ready for the uneven bounce and pulsating thrill that you've never experience before.


Brave the height for spectacular viewpoint, or cruise the Kathmandu Valley perimeter to see ancient temples and quaint, pastoral Newari Villages. For the Adventures, new routes are always open - just pick a point on the map!


Let us help you explore the hidden treasures of the world's most popular tourist destination.

Our Team

Mr. Upindra Khadka

Currently Upindra khadka, as a Manager of Pathfinder Cycling, Kathmandu, Upindra has been in the Nepali mountain bike scene since 2006. He is the brother of Rajendra Khadka (managing director) and is very well known in the shop for his quickness. He has organized and operated different tours among which he says Tibet and Pokhara are among his favorites.



Mr. Kamal Thapa

Kamal is an experienced multi adventure guide with trekking, rafting and jungle safari all part of his repertoire. His sense of humour and bubbly personality is appreciated by many of our guests and friends. He has been a guide with us since 2002.

Mr. Manoj Shrestha
Professional Cyclist for Nepal & Tibet.

Manoj has been engaged in this field since eight years as a bikers guide. He is a highly experienced, professional biker's guide expert. He has led and organized innumerable cycling tour in different parts of Nepal, Tibet and India. Moreover, he is renowned as a cycling specialist of this field. He has recently developed and deployed different styles of cycling tours. His sense of humor, optimism and problem solving skills ensure that all of his clients will have a great adventure during the cycling tour. Therefore, every of his tour experience combined with his professionalism makes him an ideal cycling guide. He is the winner of various national and international cycling competitions

Mr. Ajay Rana
Marketing Manager

Ajay has been involved with the Nepali mountain bike scene since the year 2000 and from 2008 he has been working as the assistant coach for the national team. Mountain bike is an obsession for him and talks about it most of the time. He works as a marketing manager in this company and works hard on bring out new ideas and tours for our clients to enjoy. Currently he works at Pathfinder Cycling, Kathmadu.


Mr. Nagan Rai

Nagen started working with Pathfinder Cycling since 2007. He has been a fast learner in guiding and mechanics. Though not into racing he loves to rip the trails and enjoy the ride. He has led many trips and specializes in short one to three day trips. Currently he works at Pathfinder Cycling, Kathmadu.


Mr. Nikesh Khadka

Nikesh has been with this company since 2008 but being a new comer he has surprised every one with the skills he has learned in a very short time. His primary goal these days is to learn the mechanical skills of mountain bike and in the same time also gain a couple of tips on guiding from senior guides. We are looking forward to his use of knowledge and skills in the near future and making every trip memorable for our clients. Currently he works at Pathfinder Cycling, Kathmadu.


Mr. Chimmi Gurung
Trainee, Pokhara

Chimmi considering other guys, is relatively new to the mountain bike world and is learning to guide, manages sales and also repair bikes. A relatively shy and quite boy is slowly breaking his silence and starting to interact with more people. He currently works at Pathfinder Cycling, Pokhara.