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Booking Terms & Condition

  • You will bear all the risk and damage or loss of the equipment during the tour. The client specifically agrees that the company shall not be held liable for any injury, delay or any irregularity that may occur for any reason or conditions occurred by the client themselves.
  • All the medical expenses that occur including rescue, medical and repatriation is not included in the cost of tour. The use of illegal drugs while on the tour is not permitted. The client should advise Path Finder Cycling of any medical condition or medication they are taking.
  • Please note that the company reserves the right to cancel a tour prior to a departure due to unforeseeable conditions. In such a case full refund of all payments will be constituted full settlement to the client. If due to any emergency you are unable to participate in the trip, there will be a minimal cancellation fee. What constitutes a 'true emergency' is interpreted at Path Finder Cycling's discretion. Conditions such as dysentery and giardia are common in Asia and are not classified as emergencies.
    • Transfer to an alternative departure date will be charged 10% of total trip amount.
    • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to trip departure will be charged 50% of trip cost per person.
    • Last minute cancellation and absence at departure will not be refunded.

Under no circumstances will there be a refund of any kind if you do not show up for the trip departure, or if tour leave a trip for any reason, weather voluntary or involuntary, after the trip has started. Any refund will be given in Rupees.

  • Mountain biking is strenuous and sometimes dangerous activity, a good health and physical fitness is required on all trips. If you are above 60 years of age, you should provide a doctor's elevation as to your physical condition.